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Simple Three-Card Spreads for Solo Tarot Readings

The type of reading I’ll do most often is a 3-card reading. They’re full of insight but not long. They’re concise, and create a great conversation between the cards. Here are eight completely unique ways to experiment with three-card readings: MIND / BODY / SPIRIT: take things inside yourself. How do the cards represent your intellectual, physical, and spiritual feelings on the subject? PAST / PRESENT / FUTURE: The classic, and one we all start out using, sometimes if it 'aint broke, don't fix it. THE SITUATION / THE OBSTACLE / THE LESSON: Perfect for a reading when you're looking for an answer to a specific dilemma. It will show you what the problem actually is, because it's probably not...

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Self-Care for you Phone

Ok, so you're probably wondering what is "Phone Self-Care"? Well, I think I might have made it up so there's no wonder you're confused.  What it essentially gets down to though is we spend soooo much time during the week on our phone, it's an extension of ourselves at this point. It controls nearly all our communication, how we view the news, how we wind down but also how we organize ourselves, how we schedule ourselves. Our phones wake us up in the morning for goodness sake. No wonder we have such a love/hate relationship with these things. Something that is such an integral part of ourselves, whether we like it or not, needs to be taken care of.During the worst stages of anxiety in...

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Tarot Spread - New Year Reading Using the Eight of Cups

Here’s a different way to use your deck. I love finding unique ways to use tarot cards, and card pulls like this are my favourite right now shuffle your deck, reflecting on the past year and musing on the year ahead. find the eight of cups. pull the card behind the eight of cups. this is what you will be leaving in 2019 now pull the card in front of the eight of cups. This is what awaits you in 2020  Let's dive a little deeper into why the eight of cups is being used in this spread specifically. The 8 of cups is a card about cutting ties and walking away from what is no longer working for you. There...

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