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Tarot Spread - New Year Spread Using the Ace of Pentacles

Here’s a different way to use your deck. I love finding unique ways to use tarot cards, and card pulls like this are my favorite right now. shuffle your deck, reflecting on your goals and plans for the coming year. find the ace of pentacles pull the card behind the ace of pentacles. this is the heart of your 2020 journey; what will propel it forward. now pull the three cards in front of the ace of pentacles. These are tools you can use to achieve your plans in this upcoming year✨

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A Tarot Spread for Mid-Week Check-Ins

1. This is the energy that has been keeping you going this week. Is it positive? Maybe motivation-based, anticipation-based, celebratory. Or is it negative? Like fear-based or stressed.Recognize the energy, and evaluate if the card is showing you where you’re currently at or how you can refuel. 2. This will be where you should be more mindful. Maybe ask for patience or help in this area as you work through it this week.It’s important however to actually spend some time working in this space. Self-realization is only the first step in self-improvement. 3. What should I take a closer look at? Perhaps it’s a problem you thought you solved or had written off. A project you’re nearly finished. It could be a relationship,...

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Morning Jams Playlist

This is a dance-in-the-kitchen-in-your-underwear-while-you-make-eggs kind of playlist. It's a perfect weekend morning starter - full of tunes that wake you up, and have you swaying with your coffee all around the apartment cause you just don't wanna sit down.   Listen to the Playlist  

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