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Homebound Tarot's Reading List on Journaling

Homebound Tarot's Reading List on Journaling

A selection of required reading to continue inspiring and evolving your personal journaling practice.

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Warning: This book will change your life. This is not a book you read through in a few days and get some take aways. This is dedicated, deep, personal work to find the creative person you've always wanted to be. You could absolutely read the Artist's way on on your own, but many poeple (myself included), find it incredibly rewarding to do with a group of people to help with accountabiliy. So maybe try to find or create a group that will move through the Artist's way together. You'll leave changed for the better with a newfound love for writing and creating.

 The Artist's Way book
Let it Out By Katie Dalebout

Let it out by Katie Dalebout

Chocoblock full of ways to use your journal as a tool in self discovery and self reflection. Pick this one up, and be prepared to dog-ear your favouite methods to come back to when the time is right.

Leaving a Trace: On keeping a Journal by Alexandra Johnson

Written as a guide for turning your journals into a published memoir, this book is incredibly interesting - even if you are looking to keep your journals more pirvate. It is full of excerpts from lifetime journalers and authors and includes lots of tools and tips for how to become a better, more consistent journaler.

Leaving a Trace Journaling Book
M Train by Patti Smith

M Train by Patti Smith

The memoir of singer-songwriter Patti Smith. I loved the stream of consciousness stlye of her writing and found beauty in her dynamic, every moving life that stayed steadfast in routines and rituals. While she struggled to write about "nothing", witnessing her routines in writing is fascinating.

Klee Wyck by Emily Carr

If you're not familiar with Emily Carr, she's one of Canada's most treasured writers and artists. Klee Wyck was her first published book - her illustrated diary while she visited and lived with Indigenous communities in remote corners of British Columbia in the 1910's. Her writing is a beautiful and personal look into these communities' lives during this time.

Klee Wyck By Emily Carr

Last Updated 12/18/2022

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