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Major Arcana Tarot Playlist: #4 The Empress

Say hello to MAJOR ARCANA PLAYLISTS. Every Sunday I’ll be sharing a Spotify playlist directly influenced by a card from the major arcana. I’m so excited for this series because music is such an awesome example of how each card can hold so many unique meanings or stories. Week 3: THE EMPRESS FERTILITY •FRUITFULNESS •CREATIVITY •INDULGENCE •WILD The Empress is comfortable and blossoming. Things around them are coming to fruition. There is a wildness and confidence in their being. Take a page from the Empress when you are in need of creative energy.  LISTEN TO THE PLAYLIST ON SPOTIFY     Listen to the playlist through its Spotify code, in each monthly newsletter, or on the homebound tarot blog post✨ If you...

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Morning Jams Playlist

This is a dance-in-the-kitchen-in-your-underwear-while-you-make-eggs kind of playlist. It's a perfect weekend morning starter - full of tunes that wake you up, and have you swaying with your coffee all around the apartment cause you just don't wanna sit down.   Listen to the Playlist  

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