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15 Journal Prompts for Writing Outside

15 Journal Prompts for Writing Outside

During these hot summer days it can be hard to focus on the needs, the work, and the requirements. Focus shifts more towards the wants. Those longing looks out the window during a work day get just a bit longer. 
Which got me thinking about how I like to spend my outdoor time, because let's be honest - I'm not an active activity person. I'm a reader, a lounger, a dreamer. I love nothing more than laying out a picnic blanket with a good book, or a deck of cards (tarot or playing) and just letting the beautiful day pass over me. 

So here are 15 journal prompts for those dreamy Summer days:

1. Describe the sights, sounds, and scents around you. How does the sunlight enhance your sensory experience?

2. Reflect on the impact of nature on your emotions. How does the sunshine affect your mood?

3. Write about a memorable summer moment from your past. Does being outside now invoke similar feelings?

4. Appreciate the different shades of green in the landscape. How does nature's color palette make you feel?

5. Collect fallen leaves and make sketches or impressions of them in your journal.

6. Write a one-page poem inspired by joy and inspiration under the warm rays of the sun.

7. Examine the growth and change around you through plants and trees. How can you apply these thoughts to your own life?

8. What activities or hobbies do you enjoy the most during sunny days? Describe what you enjoy about them and how you can bring them into colder seasons.

9. Use a page of your journal to sketch the scene you see in front of you.

10.Reflect on an area of your life that could use more clarity, and describe how you might shine a light on it.

11. How does the weather influence your creative process? Describe any connections you notice between sunny days and your artistic inspiration.

12. Make yourself the main character, and today's sunny adventure is a pivotal scene. Write about what happens and how it impacts your character's development.

13. Write a letter to your future self, describing the energy of this day. Include any aspirations or goals you have for the coming months.

14. Explore the symbolism of the sun in various cultures and religions. How does its significance resonate with you personally?

15. Think about your body or feet on the earth in this moment and recognize the importance of it. How does it feel to be writing outside as opposed to indoors.

15 outdoor journal prompts