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April Showers Spread

April Showers Spread

A simple but impactful spread for the Month of April. A time full of sunny showers, shedding of layers, and visible transitions. ⁠

Card 1: What to water so it can flourish. What spaces of your life will you pour into this month? This is the area to focus your attention, give extra time to. Maybe it's practicing a new skill, finally getting a project finished, or beginning something that's been waiting to get started.⁠

Card 2: What emotional wounds need to heal in this time. What is this card telling you about your concerns, troubles, fears or frusterations? They may provide you with a lesson, a tool or a glimpse of the healing that is to come.

Card 3: How to weather the storms that may arise. What is this card saying about the troubles yet to come? It may be calling back to a situation in the past that you wish went differently, is this your chance to put that feeling into action? It could aslso be warning you to make a change before things unfold unfavourably.

Tags: 3 card, Spring