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Tarot Spread - New Year Reading Using the Eight of Cups

Tarot Spread - New Year Reading Using the Eight of Cups

Here’s a different way to use your deck. I love finding unique ways to use tarot cards, and card pulls like this are my favourite right now

  1. shuffle your deck, reflecting on the past year and musing on the year ahead.
  2. find the eight of cups.
  3. pull the card behind the eight of cups. this is what you will be leaving in 2019
  4. now pull the card in front of the eight of cups. This is what awaits you in 2020 

Let's dive a little deeper into why the eight of cups is being used in this spread specifically. The 8 of cups is a card about cutting ties and walking away from what is no longer working for you. There is also a message there that leaving behind something means heading towards something new. That being said, a different card could be substituted if you had an inclination for it ✨

In the Homebound tarot Guidebook the 8 of cups card description reads:

“If you’ve done all you can and you’re still not happy, it’s time to walk away from this situation. That’s okay. The best is yet to come, and it cannot find you if you remain here.
The way forward will be difficult for a while, even unclear. The more you consider the wider your options will become. Just remember, there’s something better past the upcoming climb.”