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What to do When Tarot Cards Don't Make Sense

What to do When Tarot Cards Don't Make Sense

Ever had a tarot reading that just didn't click? You've pulled a card that just doesn't vibe. That's ok! There are plenty of ways you can view a card to give it more context in your reading.

Examine the details of the cards

Dive deeper into the card's intricacies. Loof for unique symbols, figures, or elements beyond the "general" meaning that could offer insights tailored to your specific reading. These details often hold the real A-ha moments that make all the difference.

Pull a Clarity Card

When a card leaves you scratching your head, pull a clarifying card. Ask yourself, "What is this card trying to tell me?" Then, draw another card to get additional guidance for the original.

Think Beyond the Basics

There's a pattern we each naturally fall into in our readings. We'll default to certain reasonings again and again because they're top of mind for us. Try and think outside that box to see where your reading takes you. We all have our go-to interpretations, but breaking free from habitual patterns can lead to fresh insights. Allow your intuition to roam freely, or try looking at the cards from the perspective of another individual.

Look at the "Big Picture"

Sometimes, a single card may seem out of place, but when you consider it in relation to the cards around it, you'll see a different story. Look at all cards cards as if they are one cohesive painting; observe directions, the way the characters are interacting with each other, and how the landscapes flow together.

Delve into Numerology

Each tarot card is associated with a number, and understanding the numerological significance can provide deeper insights in your readings. Delve into the numerical symbolism to unlock more layers of meaning within tarot cards and how it relates to the question you asked.

Embrace Reversals

If you're not currently using reversed cards in your readings, it may open up a whole new world of meanings for you. Look into the reversed meaning of the cards in question and see how it alters the message of the reading, you'll gain a new perspective in every reaing.

Stop Thinking and Start Writing

Sometimes, intuition knows more than logic. Put the guidebooks away and pick up a notebook full of blank pages instead. Begin writing andthing and everything that comes to you as you ponder the reading. no dumb ideas. This is when the quiet thoughts can come to the surface and you may find some real clarity and deepen your connection with your cards.

Look at the Elemental Interactions

Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Each tarot suit is associated with one of the four elements. If a card isn't quite clicking, compare its elemental association to the cards around it, what happens when water is put on fire, for example. The interactions of the elements can provide new insights to a reading.

By incorporating fresh strategies into your tarot practice, you'll empower yourself to navigate confusing readings more confidently and find further insights in every reading - even the ones that have you scratching you head. Don't be afraid to get uncomfy with your tarot cards, they're a safe space to explore your intuition.