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Simple Three-Card Spreads for Solo Tarot Readings

Simple Three-Card Spreads for Solo Tarot Readings

The type of reading I’ll do most often is a 3-card reading. They’re full of insight but not long. They’re concise, and create a great conversation between the cards. Here are eight completely unique ways to experiment with three-card readings:

three card tarot spreads

  1. MIND / BODY / SPIRIT: take things inside yourself. How do the cards represent your intellectual, physical, and spiritual feelings on the subject?
  2. PAST / PRESENT / FUTURE: The classic, and one we all start out using, sometimes if it 'aint broke, don't fix it.
  3. THE SITUATION / THE OBSTACLE / THE LESSON: Perfect for a reading when you're looking for an answer to a specific dilemma. It will show you what the problem actually is, because it's probably not what you're fixated on...
  4. EMBRACE / ACCEPT / LET GO: This is one of my personal favourites. When I'm feeling particularly anxious I'll use this reading to help me lean into what's happening for me. Living in a state of "fight" can be draining and exhaustive so learning to embrace more or walk away from situations, can be so incredibly eye-opening.
  5. DREAM / LIFE / FEAR: I find this can be more of a "fun" reading. Something to do when you want to think long and reflect, but don't have an agenda going into your reading. So much can come from this one once you start journaling and digging deep into each card that comes up.
  6. TOMORROW / NEXT WEEK / NEXT MONTH: A goal setting reading. Have something big you want to accomplish. Use this reading to break it down into digestible pieces. Find which pieces need your focus and when and you'll be on track in no time.
  7. DESIRE / OBSTACLE / SOLUTION: I think this can be such a beautiful reading. It really opens you up when your in a position on longing for something or feeling helpless. There are all things we desire deeply be it a promotion, a move, a relationship change, I could go on and on. This reading encourages us to pull that disconnect apart and find the reason why we havn't yet been able to get there.
  8. RED LIGHT / YELLOW LIGHT / GREEN LIGHT : This reading is a variation on a yes/no. Something we've been told time and time again not to ask the cards. But sometimes you just need to hear it straight! Ask a yes or no question, and the tarot will give you it's magic eight ball response with this one.

If you want to take your readings even deeper I encourage you to try journaling alongside your tarot readings. It's a fantastic way to grow your tarot and self-care practice.

I created a journaling with tarot workbook that includes my methods for stream-of-conciousness journaling, shorthand writing tips, 20 questions to consult the tarot that prompt deeper journal sessions, as well as a page layout designed specifically for tarot journaling.

Journal with tarot workbook