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Intention Candles

  • $32.00

Create a special moment for yourself within the everyday bustle.

Each beeswax candle burns for twenty minutes, providing you a quiet and natural timer for rituals, tasks, or routines. 

Ideal for forming new habits, making regular tasks special, and finding time in the every day for yourself.

Perfect for
  • tarot reading
  • journaling
  • meditating
  • morning routines
  • reading
  • creative work
  • evening routines
  • task management
  • yoga

One of the most special aspects of these kits is the salt crystal blend that keeps the candle secure and allows it to burn right down to its end. This carefully mixed blend of salts and is made up of coarse sea salt, Himalayan salt which increases feelings of peace and cleanses the space, black sand, and crushed bay leaves which when burned lift your intentions into the world and calm your mind.

Intentionally designed for

Each Intention candle kit includes 10 candles, a salt pot to safely burn your candles in and 5 incense cones you can use to further elevate your moment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tomi Bon
Absolutely adore this!

A perfect present to give, but purchase one for yourself too! Ensures you carve out time to reflect and set personal intentions. Small enough to travel with, truly lovely.

Sarah MacKinnon
Great Gift

I received a set of these candles from a friend for my birthday. I thought they were so sweet and thoughtful. The incense smells wonderful too. A nice way to timeout in this crazy world. I decided to purchase more to give away to my friends and family. I hope they enjoy them as much as I do!