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A Tarot Spread for Mid-Week Check-Ins

A Tarot Spread for Mid-Week Check-Ins

1. This is the energy that has been keeping you going this week.

Is it positive? Maybe motivation-based, anticipation-based, celebratory. Or is it negative? Like fear-based or stressed.

Recognize the energy, and evaluate if the card is showing you where you’re currently at or how you can refuel.

2. This will be where you should be more mindful.

Maybe ask for patience or help in this area as you work through it this week.

It’s important however to actually spend some time working in this space. Self-realization is only the first step in self-improvement.

3. What should I take a closer look at?

Perhaps it’s a problem you thought you solved or had written off. A project you’re nearly finished. It could be a relationship, commitment or investment. Maybe it's a physical location you should spend some extra time in this week.

If you want to take your readings even deeper I encourage you to try journaling alongside your tarot readings. It's a fantastic way to grow your tarot and self-care practice.

I created a journaling with tarot workbook that includes my methods for stream-of-conciousness journaling, shorthand writing tips, 20 questions to consult the tarot that prompt deeper journal sessions, as well as a page layout designed specifically for tarot journaling.

Journaling With Tarot Free Guide

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