Homebound Tarot Deck

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This tarot deck is here for you. It's here to give you a moment of calm in your busy day and bring you closer to yourself through genuine self-care.

Homebound Tarot is a deck for personal readings. For diary entries and journaling. A deck created around self-reflection, inner guidance and centering.  

Anyone can work with tarot cards regardless of what their initial knowledge or experience is with tarot. Starting with a personal practice is a perfect way to become acquainted with tarot and with yourself.

The calming images in Homebound Tarot cards represent emotions; feelings you can see via movement and body language. They are emotion in motion and are forms we all relate to because they are forms we take on ourselves.

Each deck includes:

  • 78 full-colour tarot cards - 2.75"x4.75" -120lb silk cover cardstock
  • cotton muslin deck bag