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Tarot Deck & Guidebooks Set
girl reading homebound tarot cards
Tarot Deck & Guidebooks Set
Homebound tarot Cards Made in Canada
tarot deck in bag with guidebook
Tarot Deck & Guidebooks Set
girl reading tarot cards Homebound Tarot
Tarot Deck & Guidebooks Set

Tarot Deck & Guidebooks Set

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This tarot deck is here for you. It exists to tell you what you can’t tell yourself in the moment but have known all along.

Homebound Tarot is a deck for personal readings. For diary entries and journalling. A deck created around self-reflection, inner guidance and centering.  With the deck, guidebook and digital guidebook bundle, you will have everything you need to begin an exciting journey into reflective, personal tarot readings and get to know yourself on a deeper level.

Anyone can work with tarot cards regardless of what their initial knowledge or experience is with tarot. Starting with a personal practice is a perfect way to become acquainted with tarot - and with yourself.

The calming images in Homebound Tarot cards represent emotions, feelings you can see via movement and body language. They are emotion in motion and are all forms we can relate to because they are forms we take on ourselves.

Your tarot bundle includes everything you need to begin a journey into reflective personal tarot readings:

  • 78-card, full-colour deck - 2.75"x4.75"
  • 120lb silk cover cardstock
  • 1 190 page softcover guide book - 4"x7"
  • 78 full card descriptions with images along with summary notes, and a mantra or journal prompt for each card.
  • An Introduction to tarot cards and how to use them
  • An introduction to reflective Tarot Reading and the Homebound Deck
  • Card Spreads to try
  • cotton muslin deck bag
  • Full Interactive Digital Guidebook so you can start exploring homebound tarot immediately

This product contains a digital component. You will be able to download the digital portion from the payment confirmation page, as well as receive it in your inbox when the order is fulfilled. The hardcopy guidebook and deck will be shipped to you. Refunds are not available on digital portions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Nelly Siu

Son cartas muy hermosas y me encanta , gracias 💝

Beautiful Interpretations of the Traditional RWS Deck!

This is my second deck, and I really resonated with the overall look and feel of it! I’m excited to tap into my intuition and make my journaling practice more meaningful.


Love this deck. The illustrations are beautiful!


It is a fantastic deck. Good quality card stock. The right size of card for managing your readings. I like the minimalistic art style of the individual cards. The overall color is soothing. The guidebook is simple and to the point. All in all a terrific package.


its so cute! I have yet to use them as im in the process of moving but I love them!